What is Fogponics?

What is Fogponics? Many people, especially growers are seeking the answers to this question. The advancement of Aeroponic technology has led to the development of Fogponics. Therefore, Fogponics is a highly-developed form of aeroponics that uses mist to supply nutrients and oxygen to the plants.

What makes Fogponics unique?

In Fogponics, the method of delivering to the plants is entirely different as compared to traditional Fogponics. In hydroponics, the nutrients get to the plants through the root system. This leads to problems such as possible root rot and reduced nutrient uptake.

However, in Fogponics, the nutrients get to the plants through the tiny glands on the leaf nodes and stems. These small glands, commonly known as stomata, provide an efficient way for nutrient uptake. So how do nutrients get to the stomata? The mist of nutrients is sprayed directly to the stems and leaves of the plants.

Does Fogponics work?

The reports show that Fogponics can be successfully used to increase the yield. However, it works best if the grower uses the right mixture of nutrients while spraying the plants. Also, Fogponics is effective in plants that don’t get all nutrients through the roots. Moreover, there are no grow tents in fogponics.

However, the application of nutrients through Fogponics can be labor-intensive. In this case, the growers should spray the individual crop with the right amount of nutrients. If this is done right, the growers can achieve great results with Fogponics.

How do you know if Fogponics will work?

The best way to know if the Fogponics will work is to use trial and error method. Introduce this process on a small section of your plants and see if you will get good results. You can evaluate two different samples of plants, which were treated differently.

Benefits of Fogponics

Fogponics system has several advantages compared to other growing methods. The benefits of Fogponics include;

Faster growth of plants: Usually, the plants in Fogponics grow faster because nutrients are absorbed much easily 

Require little space: unlike other systems, the Fogponics setup use smaller space. However, this is only possible if the set up is done correctly.

The system is semi-mobile: this system can be designed in such a way that easily moved around your room.

Fairly cheap to build: the materials used to build Fogponics system are readily available in home improvement stores.

Saves Resources: When compared to other growing methods, the amount of water wastage is reduced in Fogponics. Also, this system uses fewer nutrients. In this case, the nutrients are sprayed directly onto the plants. This reduces the wastage of nutrients as in the case of other growing systems.

Eliminate pests and diseases: the Fogponics set up do not allow the bacteria and other organisms to thrive. In this case, you will get maximum yields because the plants are not affected by pests and diseases.

Free from contamination: Fogponics set up do not use soil as growing medium, so it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


Growers who use Fogponics set up save a lot of resources such as nutrients, water, and space. This system enables the plants to grow faster while producing maximum yields.